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How we started


Founded in 2013, with design and marketing in the United Kingdom ,AGS Retail Ltd delivers affordable, high-quality Audio accessories for your Headphones and Gaming requirements. We manufacture all items to our very exacting standards to deliver perfect orders to our Customers each and every time.

Why AGS Retail?


We offer cost-effective, high-quality alternatives to most major brands from computing and PC connectivity to Stereo Audio and Gaming accessories. All provided with the best of customer service and any ongoing support and Free UK standard delivery.

By Ebonyguru on 14 Jun. 2017

"The Product was excellent and worked as advertised. The communications from the seller about the product was splendid.
Altogether recommended."


AGS Retail LTD

By Jeff S. on 12 Jun. 2017​

"Great product rapidly delivered."


By Yash on 14 Feb. 2017

“Good quality needed it due to the distance, doesn't effect the sound or mic quality.”

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